Average U.S. Internet Access Speeds Double in 3 Years

Average U.S. Internet access speeds have doubled in just three years, according to Broadband for America.

IN 2010, the average connection speed in the United States was 4.7 Mbps. In the third quarter of 2013, the average connection speed had more than doubled to 9.8 Mbps. while the average peak connection speed was 37.0 Mbps.

Rapid increases, despite some sense, in some quarters, that change is not rapid enough, have been quite rapid, indeed, in large part because of retail offers from cable companies.

The standard cable broadband speed has increased 900 percent since 1999.

In August 2000, only 4.4 percent of U.S. households had a home broadband connection, while  41.5 percent of households had dial-up access.

A decade later, dial-up subscribers declined to 2.8 percent of households in 2010, and 68.2 percent of households subscribed to broadband service.

In other words, from 2000 to 2012, the typical purchased access connection grew by about two to three orders of magnitude in about a decade.

If that continues, gigabit connections will be common within two decades.
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