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Telecom Training Week 18-22 September Bangkok

For the first time, PTC has joined two separate educational events to create “training week,” designed to acquaint mid-career telecom professionals with the skills they will need to advance their careers, as well as equip them with 5G/mobile and telecom business fundamentals.

To be held in Bangkok, from 18 September through 22 September, the training includes certificates of completion for two days of 5G training and three days of instruction on the fundamentals of the telecom business.

Taught by teams of international instructors with dozens to scores of years of experience each, training week offers an intensive but compact framework for understanding:

Industry economics and key trends Evolution of the mobile and fixed industry segments Problem-solving exercises to acquaint you with C-level challenges How C-level executives approach their key business problems What 5G is and what it means for the future of the telecom business

Specifically designed to acquaint up-and-coming professionals …

AT&T Launches IoT Platform

AT&T Control Center is a new platform for internet of things applications that enables the launching,management and scaling of a connected devices business.

The platform supports:
SIM management, provisioning, and activation Ongoing billing and lifecycle management Unparalleled network global coverage Rate plan flexibility Scalable platform, managing over two billion network events per month Single-portal view of your devices on the network Web-based user interface, APIs Monitor SIM behavior and other events. Decide what condition will trigger the rules. Set an action to run automatically when that condition is met
source: Business Insider

"An iPod, a Phone, An Internet Communicator"

“An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator….an iPod, a phone, an internet communicator..are you getting it?” Steve Jobs said on June 29, 2007, on the day Apple introduced the iPhone, a decade ago, today. 

No Surprise: Organizations Using IoT Say IoT is a Top Priority

With the caveat that the findings are a bit like noting that "users of smartphones say use of smartphones is important," the Internet of things is the number one priority for 92 percent of organization executives who already use internet of things systems.
The study, conducted for the Inmarsat Research Program, and conducted by Vanson Bourne, also found that internet of things will be accompanied by changes in related areas, including machine learning (38 percent), robotics (35 percent), and 3D printing (31 percent) as underpinning “digital transformation” efforts.
The study included a survey of  500 senior respondents from across the agritech, energy production, transportation, and mining sectors, from organisations over a 1,000 employees in size, that already use IoT in some fashion.
The key findings reveal that almost all (97 per cent) respondents are experiencing, or expect to experience, significant benefits from the deployment of IoT technologies.  Improved service deli…

LTE Eventually Wins IoT Connectivity Race, Wi-SUN Emerges

Generally speaking, networking platforms and protocols tend to win out, in the market, because they get scale. When there are multiple competing platforms, it often is not the “first” or “earliest” contenders, but the later alternatives with scale that take most of the share.
Those of you with long memories might recall that was the case for computer operating systems, was the case for competing 4G platforms and arguably 3G before that. In the smartphone area, the eventual winners were not “first” on the scene.
So it comes as no surprise that analysts at Maravedis believe the mobile networks using licensed spectrum eventually will represent most of the internet of things connections, globally.
In the area of specialized networks using unlicensed spectrum, Maravedis believes Wi-SUN platforms for utility networks be quite important, as well. In the early going, platforms often compete based on the perceived value of specifications. Long term, commercial scale typically decides the issue…