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What Revenue Replacement Options Can Telcos Actually Pursue?

It might go without saying that large access providers have different strategic problems and opportunities than smaller providers. For bigger providers, losing “billion dollar a year markets” means creating new markets of at least similar size, just to maintain current revenue magnitudes.
Growth requires more than that, of course. Smaller service providers face different issues, generally related to scale.
The mobile business, once highly fragmented, has become a scale business. The video subscription business has similar characteristics, meaning it is difficult for small providers to compete effectively.
Likewise, one might argue, many of the promising new markets, including many machine-to-machine or Internet of Things opportunities in the automotive, healthcare, energy, transportation, connected home and retail verticals, require national scale.
The same might be said of mobile wallet, mobile e-commerce or mobile payments opportunities.
In other words, creating new revenue sources t…

U.S. Consumers Watch 7 to 8 Hours a Week of Online Video

U.S. consumers living in apartments or condos consume eight hours of online videoa week, mostly on personal computers or tablets (about six hours), but with a significant percentage (perhaps two hours a a week) watched on mobile devices as well. 

Residents of single-family housingconsume less, perhaps less than seven hours a week, according to Parks Research. In large part, that is because residents of single-family homes watch more of their video on a television, using either broadcast TV services or subscription video services.