Data Centers Drive 100G in 2017

Data center adoption of 100 Gbps platforms is driving global Ethernet switch sales, says IHS Markit

Worldwide Ethernet switch revenue grew twopercent sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2017 to $6.7 billion.

For the full-year 2017, revenue rose 8 percent, reaching nearly $25 billion—the strongest growth in seven years, says Matthias Machowinski, IHS Markit senior research director.

“The transition to 25/100GE architectures in the data center is in full swing, driving strong gains in 25GE and 100GE, while in turn bringing down the 40GE segment, which had its first annual decline,” Machowinski said.

100GE Port shipments of 100GigE grew 400 percent year-over-year, and reaching over four million ports in 2017, he said.

Growth in the North American Ethernet switch market was above five percent. Asia Pacific remains the top growth region, primarily due to China.

Cisco’s revenue declined two percent year-over-year, while Huawei grew its revenue 24 percent HPE (Aruba) grew 13 percent.


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