Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lights Out for SunRocket?

SunRocket appears to be refusing to accept new customers. Try calling the call center to sign up. Vonage apparently has offered to buy SunRocket for no cash, simply to provide continuity of service. No word on any response from SunRocket. A couple more bidders, said to be undercapitalized themselves, also are poking around. Not a happy day, at all.


Anonymous said...

SunRocket is out of cash. They run their $199 for 2 yr promos in order to get cash to pay their employees. They are so strapped for cash they can't pay some current employees and their two founders haven't received their severance checks in two months. SunRocket is shopping around for both VC and for a buyer. They tried to sell their company to Lingo (, but Lingo's CEO was smart enough to reject the offer. Watch SunRocket for an important announcement within the next 10 opinion at least. They can't continue to spend $160 per customer when that customer is valued at $75 on wall street. Good bye SunRocket.

Anonymous said...

I work for SunRocket and it's all true. Don't bother calling the customer service to verify the rumors because not only are these employee kept in the dark about what is happening to SunRocket but have also been threaten with what little jobs they have left to be terminated if they speak of any negativity.

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