Sunday, February 15, 2009

Software-Based Telecom (Video in 5 Parts)

Voice has for decades been a "service" sold by the "the line" or as an "application" created by a premises switch. Now voice also is a feature of instant messaging, Web sites, enterprise applications and email. As a result, there now are multiple business models, revenue streams and applications that use the "voice" feature. This panel will examine some of the ways this is happening, and what it means for traditional providers of voice services.

Gary Kim, Editor-in-Chief, IP Business
Rodrigue Ullens, Co-founder & CEO, Voxbone
Trevor Baca, VP, Software Engineering, jaduka
Michael Veys, COO, JAJAH
Eric Reiher, Founder & CTO, Mobivox

Click on "Related Article" at the bottom of this post for the first of five parts. Click "Watch in HD" if you have the bandwidth. 

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