45% of Service Providers Now Offer Managed Services

More than 45 percent of communications service providers surveyed on behalf of Allot Communications now sell managed services for enterprises and small and mid-sized business customers ranging from basic email and storage to fully-fledged unified communications, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions, Allot says.  

Microsoft Office 365 is the most prevalent office suite, sold by a third of all service providers surveyed.

About 23 percent of respondents offer quality of service solutions for mission-critical applications and 32 percent sell cloud-based security services.

QoS management is more common when service providers are selling unified communications, Office and Microsoft Lync.

Allot argues that such cloud services are important for telcos because the opportunity is so large, and telcos need distinctiveness to compete with market leaders Google, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon. Cloud services are projected by Infonetics Research to be a $200 billion revenue business by 2018.  

A change seems to have happened, though. Where initially it was small businesses and smaller organizations that were most likely to buy a cloud-based managed service, the “threshold for an enterprise to source cloud apps has dropped,” said Yaniv Sulkes, Allot Communications AVP.

“In many cases, even large enterprises dind it advantageous to source from thje cloud, rather than hosting themselves,” said Sulkes. “Organizations with 5,000 to 20,000 employees now use cloud-based Salesforce.”
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