FreedomPop Launches Free International Calling Program

FreedomPop is launching what it calls “the world's first-ever, completely free international calling service.”

Starting immediately, FreedomPop will give any smartphone user with any carrier 100 minutes of free international calls each month to 52 countries, including Mexico, the UK, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina and India.

The service will expand to over 170 markets in the coming weeks, FreedomPop says.

Users who want more minutes can upgrade to an international paid plan starting at just $4.99 per month – over 75 percent lower than the rates charged by current carriers and even VoIP providers like Skype. FreedomPop says.
FreedomPop also announced the “first ever program” to provide users anywhere in the world an international number, letting contacts outside the country make international calls as if they are local.  

For example, a customer based in Los Angeles can get a Mexico City phone number so family members based in Mexico can call at local rates, or vice versa, FreedomPop says. The service costs just $4.99 per month, yet can save international callers hundreds of dollars a year.


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