AT&T Introduces "Rollover Data"

AT&T Mobility has introduced "Rollover Data," a program that allows customers on Mobile Share Value plans to roll over unused data in one billing cycle, for use in the next cycle, at no extra charge. 

If you have a 15GB AT&T Mobile Share Value plan and only use 10GB, the remaining 5GB (the Rollover Data balance) can be used the next month (a total of 20GB). 

 There’s no cap on the amount of unused plan data within a given month that’s eligible for rollover, but one month's rollover data last only for the next month.

Some of you might remember that Cingular, the brand AT&T once used, offered a rollover feature for voice minutes that, as I recall, expired if unused after about a year. 

After T-Mobile US launched its Data Stash plan, it was inevitable that there would be a response. 

The difference, at least for the moment, is that the Data Stash unused mobile data usage will be available for a year.  

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