AT&T Launches New Internet of Things Data Plans

AT&T’s new data plans for Internet of Things developers and businesses shows you how AT&T believes IoT apps will use the mobile network. In contrast to “use by humans,” the emphasis is on transferred data, not the speed of transactions.

Available in October 2016, the IoT data plans are differentiate by the amount of data devices and sensors are expected to transfer, over a year’s time.

AT&T IoT data plans include:

  • Option 1: 1 GB for $25.00 (valid up to 12 months)1; includes 500 text messages
  • Option 2: 3 GB for $60.00 (valid up to 12 months)2; includes 1000 text messages
  • Option 3: 5 GB for $100.00 (valid up to 24 months)3 includes 1500 text messages
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