5G Might Lift Thai Mobile Revenue 22% by 2026

Thai telecom operators can add US$2.6 billion (83.3 billion baht) or 22 percent in revenue by 2026, above and beyond existing revenues, on new 5G networks supporting the internet of things, media services and digital transformation in such verticals as energy, manufacturing and utilities, argues Nadine Allen, president and country manager of Ericsson Thailand.

You would expect that from Ericsson, but the important angle, if it proves correct, is that 5G services would be incremental revenues on top of existing 4G revenues, and not based on cannibalizing 4G revenue streams, even if there is some substitution of consumer 4G access that simply shifts to 5G.

That is a key prediction. Even now, it is clear that most of the 5G upside from new use cases and revenue streams will come from services beyond consumer use of smartphones.


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