Monday, March 19, 2007

PhoneGnome Adds Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo!

The PhoneGnome free calling community now includes GoogleTalk (Gtalk), MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! users. PhoneGnome users can now also place free VoIP calls to users on GoogleTalk (Gtalk), MSN Messenger, and Yahoo!

These destinations can be entered in the ‘Quick Call’ box or added to a users' on-line Contacts and called with click-to-dial or by dialing the assigned speed dial code directly on your phone (for PhoneGnome box owners).

The PhoneGnome free calling community now includes:
* All PhoneGnome members, whether web-only, PC, or box, all over the world
* SIPphone/Gizmo Project
* Free World Dialup
* EarthLink MindSpring (formerly Vling)
* Hundreds of additional VoIP services reachable via SIPbroker
* Any SIP user, anywhere in the world (including Asterisk PBXes
* Millions of numbers reachable free through our private peering relationships
* ISN/ITAD numbers (
* GoogleTalk (Gtalk)
* MSN/Live Messenger
* Yahoo! Messenger
* PhoneGnome box users can even use a regular phone as a Skype phone.

"Each day, we get one step closer to pure Internet free calls to everyone," says David Beckemeyer, Televolution CEO.

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