Verizon Wireless Now MoreTransparent and Fair with Service Plans

Verizon Wireless has made a move for greater transparnency and fairness by giving customers the ability to add a smartphone that is not currently under contract to a More Everything service plan.

Starting on April 17, 2014, existing customers who are on month-to-month contracts can move to a More Everything plan and save money on those plans.

Customers buying plans with data allowances of 8 GB or below can add a smartphone for $30, a savings of $10, while customers who choose plans with data allowances of 10 GB and above can add a smartphone for $15, a savings of $25.

Also, new customers can add any smartphone they already own to a More Everything plan for either $30 or $15, depending on the data allowance they choose. 

The savings reflect greater transparency--and fairness--since contract plans traditionally include a subsidy for smartphones that is bundled in the price of a two-year contract. Customers who keep their plans beyond the contract term, and also keep using their original devices, wind up paying the device subsidy after the device actually is paid off.

So the new move provides a discount to customers who are not subsidizing a device. That is not only more transparent, but also arguably more fair. 

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