When Will "Smartphones" Just be "Phones?"

"New shipments" are not "installed base,"  but sooner or later, new shipments represent the installed base, as older devices are retired. By that metric, "smartphones" relatively soon will simply be "phones," as feature phone shipments continue to decline.

The full process might take a decade or so, but is inevitable, as smartphone prices, at least for some models, continue to fall.

Smartphones expected to account for 73 percent of total handsets sold in 2018.

Emerging markets will be the driving force behind the global smartphone sales growth, with 70 percent of total smartphone sales originating in this part of the world in 2018, according to Pyramid Research.

Global smartphone average selling prices will gradually decline from the current $214 to $166 in 2018, Pyramid Research also believes.

But average selling prices will be below $100 across the poorest countries in the emerging world.

The present conventional wisdom is that getting smartphones into the hands of two billion people in developing regions will require a retail price of about $50.

Smartphone sell-through projections
source: Pyramid Research 


source: Business Insider

source: Business Insider
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