SIP Market Still Fragmented

A survey of about 560 enterprise or business communications professionals shows that the Session Initiation Protocol market remains fragmented. Some 57 percent of respondents using SIP say they use an MPLS (quality managed) connection, while 50 percent use internet (unmanaged) connections. About 18 percent use a metro Ethernet connection.

That raises a key question. Traditionally, many argue that “managed” access is required to maintain quality or security. It appears that half the users are willingness to take those risks Also, with the coming shift to software-defined connections (SD-WAN), there might be a shift further in the direction of “unmanaged” connections, where more reliance is placed on edge devices to route packets across networks to optimize availability, load, delay and jitter performance.

Avaya (42 percent) and Cisco (37 percent) are the leading IP PBX suppliers.

On a related front, buyers report their suppliers of hosted communications are quite diverse.

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