PTC Academy, Spectrum Futures Collaborate for Training

A training program for mid-career telecom professionals will be held Sept. 20-22, 2017 in Bangkok, organized by the Pacific Telecommunications Council and taught by about a dozen industry professionals with long experience in the business.

PTC Academy is aimed at "up and coming" younger executives, and designed to give them a taste of the challenges they will face as they move up the management ranks.

In conjunction with PTC Academy, attendees at the tutorial segment of Spectrum Futures, the PTC conference on 5G and spectrum policy, can register for both events and receive credit for  “5G/mobile” training.

  • 5G: key principles and business implications
  • How millimeter wave will revolutionize mobile and maybe fixed access
  • Spectrum sharing: what it is, how it will work and why it is important
  • The new roles for unlicensed spectrum

The Academy course will cover a number of key topics, including:
  • A strategic overview of the global telecom business and its key business challenges
  • Business strategy in difficult markets
  • How organizations deal with internal issues related to business change
  • Product innovation
  • How organizations deal with key competitors
  • A case study exercise on how market disruption was handled
  • International communications


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