AI No Longer a "Science Project"

source: Tata Consultancy Services
Some technologies are in development for such a long time it seems as though they always will be “science projects,” not commercial realities. That actually is not true for artificial intelligence, which is being used to reduce electrical use at data centers or expedite customer service interactions.

Amazon Web Services uses a compute capacity forecasting model driven by machine-learning (artificial intelligence), AWS CEO Andy Jassy said.

For example, AWS uses sales team efforts (who they visit, when)  to forecast demand. The company also has used AI to predict where it has to store excess components, he adds.

All that helps AWS control its capital spending.

AWS also uses AI to reduce fraud, bad debt, and the number of customers who didn’t get their goods and suppliers who didn’t get their money.

AI has been important for content and search activities. Bing uses AI to support search operations, for example. Other firms use AI to personalize content for discrete users.

Also, sales automation, an older trend, now is being boosted by application of AI to allow more predictive value, not so much “what happened?” but “what will happen next?”

Insurance payments are another area where AI is applied to streamline operations. Others use AI to automate chatbot interactions.

Uber uses AI to personalize rider interactions, such as offering suggested destinations based on your current location and past habits. Expedia uses AI for fraud detection and better travel recommendations.  Banks use AI for phone-based customer service interactions.

Tata Consultancy Services says enterprises it surveyed already are using AI in 63 core areas,  most frequently to detect and fend off computer security intrusions in the IT department.

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