Why the Interest in Private LTE?

It might be intuitive why private 4G Long Term Evolution networks are expected to be deployed by enterprises. The answer has to do with the new roles of advanced mobile networks generally. Recall that the 5G standard does not address voice. Recall that the 4G standard did not address voice, initially, either.

That is not so unusual. Each generation of mobile networks has had a different key revenue model, in terms of incremental revenue growth. And what seems already clear is that the 5G era will be characterized by new revenue sources created by internet of things networks and sensors, not voice, texting or other app and web usage by human devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

And that shift explains the interest in private enterprise LTE networks, not campus versions of “mobile networks” that allow people to talk, text and use the internet. Enterprises will be deploying networks of sensors for all sorts of industrial reasons.

Another new angle is that lots of new unlicensed spectrum is going to be made available to support new 4G and 5G networks, public or private.

source: Qualcomm


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