Verizon NG-PON2 Commercial Deployment

Verizon is making large-scale commercial deployments of its new NG-PON2 network in the first quarter of 2018.

“NG-PON2, allows us to converge our many service networks into a single unified intelligent network, and simplify our operating model by integrating the OLT and subscriber management system,” said Vincent O’Byrne, director of technology planning at Verizon.

NG-PON2 is not most notable for its use of multiple wavelengths per optical fiber or its use of tunable lasers in optical line terminals and optical network units, though those are novel, in comparison to older optical fiber access networks.

What makes NG-PON2 different is the ability to use a common cabling infrastructure to create services that are dedicated over discrete wavelengths. In other words, one physical network but multiple virtual networks.

That means a common cabling infrastructure can deliver enterprise, consumer, cell tower backhaul or smaller business services, even wholesale services without the need to overlay discrete optical cables for each type of network.


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