Friday, April 6, 2018

For Small Cell Deployments, Asia Leads

Asia, because of its huge population, tends to lead in many measures of mobile, internet or telecom volume.

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Asia also will lead global deployments of small cells, according to the Small Cell Forum. The Asia-Pacific region (most of the activity will be on the Asian continent) will represent nearly half of all global small cell deployments by 2025. In 2015, Asia represented about 54 percent of small cell deployments.

North American enterprises, which deployed 30 percent of small cells in 2015, will be a smaller part of the market in percentage terms in the future, as will North America in general, while European small cell deployments will have grown dramatically.

In substantial part, density explains the deployment patterns. Hyper-dense and dense areas represent the highest value for end users and access providers. Rural and less-dense areas will not have the same degree of value, as infrastructure costs will be relatively higher and financial upside more limited as well.

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