Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Calix Seeks Faster App Development with Infosys Deal

Fixed network access platform provider Calix has partnered with Infosys to increase its ability to develop new custom apps for the AXOS system.

The deal allows Infosys to develop and deliver new software modules for the AXOS platform, without service provider customers necessarily having to wait for the internal Calix developer team to do so. Such abstraction and virtualization is among the touted benefits of network functions virtualization.

Though much will hinge on what service provider customers ask for, it might be reasonable to suggest that end user apps are not going to be top of mind. Instead, service providers probably will look to create new apps designed to help them run their businesses more effectively.

The reason is simply that few--if any--telco-created consumer apps have gained traction and scale. Video entertainment might be one area where this remains possible, but in few other areas have telcos gotten scale where it comes to consumer apps.  

Many believed mobile operators had platform advantages where it came to mobile app stores, for example. That has largely proven not to be the case. And the overall trend is growing revenue for third party over-the-top app providers.

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