Saturday, July 20, 2019

Internet Access Speeds Grow At Least 23% Year Over Year

Average internet access speeds are growing virtually everywhere in the world, though the estimates of “average” vary significantly.

The average global broadband speed measured between May 2018 and May 2019 was 11.03 Mbps, up 20.7 percent over the previous year, according to 

Other studies suggest much-higher average speeds. Speedtest says average global fixed network speeds are 59.5 Mbps in June 2019. Speedtest says the world’s average download speed on fixed networks was 46.12 Mbps in 2018. 

Hootsuite data suggests early 2019 speeds on fixed networks was about 54 Mbps. 

A logical source of difference is the role played by mobile internet access, since most people globally use the internet from a mobile device. And mobile device speeds historically have been slower than fixed network speeds. According to Speedtest, in mid 2019 the average mobile access speed was 27.4 Mbps. 

The average global broadband speed measured during the period from 11 May 2016 to 10 May 2017 was 7.40 Mbps, according to 

The average global broadband speed measured during the period from 30 May 2017 to 29 May 2018 was 9.10 Mbps – a rise of 23 percent. The average speed measured in the period from 9 May 2018 to 8 May 2019 was 11 Mbps, says 

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