Robust Enterprise Social Networking

If ChangeWave Research is correct, wikis, blogs and social networking are being adopted by corporations at an explosive rate.

ChangeWave Research recently surveyed 2,081 companies and found 24 percent already using social software, while eight percent say they will start using it within a year. Wikis apparently are used by 20 percent of respondents, blogs by 18 percent, social networking by 15 percent, says Joshua Levine, ChangeWave researcher.

While current users find wikis to be most useful, future adopters think blogs (26 percent) and social networks (21 percent) will be most beneficial.

About 39 percent report their company is very or somewhat willing to use Web 2.0 social software for business purposes.

Current users say they use social networking to improve internal employee collaboration as well as to increase internal efficiency and productivity.

Users who say their firms will be adopting social networking also agree about the merits of internal communications, but also are more focused on using the tools to
improve external customer service and support, increase brand awareness and loyalty
and drive sales of products and services.
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