$25 Smartphones Will Disrupt Forecasts of Smartphone Use in Asia

IDC smartphones chartAs typically is the case, the emergence of low-cost smartphones is going to disrupt all existing forecasts of smartphone adoption in Asia, as those forecasts rationally have been based on devices costing more than $200, not the projected $25 of the new Mozilla-using devices.

Low-cost smartphones are expected to have a huge role in extending mobile Internet access in Asian markets. Mozilla, for example, is introducing “ultra-low-cost” devices to India in the next few months, said to cost about $25, an order of magnitude less than existing high-end smartphones.

Mozilla has partnered with Intex and Spice, two of India’s leading mobile device brands, to bring the first Firefox OS devices to India in the next few months.

The same trend is expected to happen elsewhere in Asia. low-cost smartphones are a key strategy in the China mobile market as well.

In 2014, for example, low-cost phones will drive smartphone sales in both India and China, but sales have been robust in Southeast Asia as well, over the past several years.

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