Google Buys Skybox Imaging: Maps Will Benefit, Maybe Internet Access Later?

Screen Shot 2014 03 07 at 11.29.37 AM
source: Business Insider
Google is buying Skybox Imaging, a firm that supplies high-quality satellite imaging services, but also manufactures low-cost satellites. Skybox satellites are about the size of a phone book.

The immediate application likely will be to improve the granularity of Google Maps images. But some speculate the phone-book-sized satellites might eventually play some role in satellite-delivered Internet access as well.

The $500 million acquisition might also eventually help Google supply low-cost internet access in underserved regions

The expansion into satellites comes two months after Google bought drone maker Titan Aerospace, a move that might also ultimately have some application for Internet access, but immediately should help Google improve the images presented as part of Google Maps.

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