Cord Cutting by Heavy Users Saves Them $115 a Month, Study Finds

Customers who seem to the heaviest users--and cut their linear video subscription--saved about $115 each,  study by LendEDU finds.

The typical heavy users--spending more than $140 a month total on entertainment video, also reported buying three streaming services, though, spending an average of about $33 a month on streaming services.

Some 77 percent of the cord cutters report they still continue to buy streaming services, and report spending about $35 a month on streaming services.

When current cable subscribers were asked whether they use their linear services or streaming more, the split was fairly even: 52 percent reported using linear more, while 48 percent reported using streaming more.

Less than 70 percent of the current linear video subscribers estimated they still would be buying in a year. Three years out, just 44 percent believe they still will be buying a linear service.

The main point seems to be that many consumers still want to buy entertainment video, but are not inclined to spend $100 a month. Many of us believe typical customers will buy multiple subscriptions, up to perhaps $60 a month, total, for all services.


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