Telcos Developing Practical AI Apps

As exotic as artificial intelligence and machine learning might seem, they are becoming routine tools for optimizing networks, discovering and preventing problems on networks, and supporting consumer interfaces and third-party AI aps.

Telefonica is working with Juniper Networks to develop its “Self-Driving Network” solution, which uses machine learning to enable self-configuration, self-monitoring and self-diagnosis. THe idea is to give the network the ability to identify potential problems and correct them--without human intervention--before they cause issues.

Vodafone has been working on artificial intelligence trials in Germany and Ireland with Huawei and Cisco on ways to create a “centralized self-organising network” (C-SON) that identifies the optimal conditions for voice-over-LTE.

AT&T, for its part, also is creating a platform for supporting artificial intelligence apps that run on its networks, in addition to using AI to virtualize its network.

Verizon, among other apps, is looking to use AI to support voice interfaces.


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