Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Engagement Might be The Issue

A recent Forrester Research survey suggests that mobile data apps are moving into the mainstream. More than one-third of mobile subscribers use text messaging, and 18 percent send or receive picture messages, but adoption of the mobile Internet lags, with only 11 percent using it.

As you might expect, data users are not only younger, but their attitudes also expose a deeper engagement with their mobile phone and service, and they are more satisfied with all aspects of their mobile experience than are those who only use voice.

Which raises an issue: even as wireline providers are able to leverage IP to provide richer directory and call log features, as well as click to call, will those new attributes put a brake on user engagement with their mobiles?

Certainly Embarq believes that offering wireline call logs, directory services and click to call are going to enhance the value of wireline voice, says Bill Blessing, Embarq SVP. He's undoubtedly right about that.

The issue is that end user involvement with their mobiles seems to be increasing. Mobiles are personal. Landlines are tethered to places. Mobiles inherently are "mine." Landlines are "ours" or "yours." You might use a landline. It is not "you."

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