Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It Will Take Video to Change This

Some 29 percent of U.S. homes--31 million--do not buy any form of Internet access, and 44 percent of the "resisters" says they don't buy service because they are not interested in anything on the Internet, say researchers at Parks Associates. About 22 percent of resisters say they don't buy because they do not own a PC. The U.S. Internet "resister" homes also say they don't plan to buy access for the next year either, say Parks Associates.

Parks researchers also find that most new broadband access subscriptions are coming from dial-up customers who are upgrading, not "newbies." Some 17 percent say they use the Internet at work, and therefore don't need it at home. Of course, if we are to get to universal broadband, it will be driven by entertainment video. You don't find many people objecting to ownership of TVs and TV service for any reason. As the broadband connection becomes the way to get TV, resistance will crumble.

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