Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mobile Data ARPU Inches Up

IDC research, there were 236 million U.S. wireless subscribers by the end of 2006. U.S. wireless data revenue totaled $4.8 billion for the fourth quarter of 2006, representing roughly 13.5 percent of mobile provider average revenue per unit, or $6.74 per subscriber per month.

Of the total data revenue, 48.8 percent came from messaging, 13 percent from content and simple application downloads and 38.2 percent from other business- and consumer-oriented services and content.

"Our research shows that in terms of blended data ARPU, Sprint Nextel, at $8.32, regained its lead over Verizon, now at $7.91, although Verizon remains the leader in terms of total wireless data revenue and data percentage of ARPU among the U.S. national carriers," says Julien Blin, IDC research analyst.

One way to look at the data is that basic communications remain the driver, though content sales are growing.

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