Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Satellite Gains at Cable's Expense?

According to a survey taken early to mid March, there's evidence some households are about to make a move to satellite TV, especially DirecTV. While Comcast remains the current leader among U.S. and Canadian TV service providers, DirecTV shows the most market share momentum, says the Changewave Alliance, after a survey of nearly 3700 members.

And though customer satisfaction does not reliably translate into loyalty, it appears that satellite video services rank well on that score. Satellite customers say they are much more satisfied than cable customers. "Moreover, Satellite satisfaction ratings have improved four points since our previous survey, while cable satisfaction rates have declined two points, Changewave says.

DirecTV now is the industry leader in terms of customer satisfaction and has also experienced the biggest improvement since November. Comcast has experienced the biggest decline.

Most significantly, satellite s about to gain at cable's expense, Changewave says. "A total of 13 percent of our survey respondents say they plan to switch providers in the next six months and nearly half of these (48 percent) say they’ll switch to satellite.

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