Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Iotum and Jajah Partner

The Iotum Talk Now application, a presence manager running on Research in Motion's BlackBerry, now has been integrated with Jajah, the Web-enabled calling application. ah is integrated into the iotum application. Very nice. Of course, now I am having an even harder time weighing two crucial device decisions. Do I ditch Windows and go Mac? And do I ditch BlackBerry and go iPhone?

As a former Mac fanatic, I finally had to switch to Windows because all my trading partners were on that platform, and at that time the Web really wasn't available to mediate most communications and applications. It is safe to say I've never enjoyed or really liked Windows. The big issue now is how many of the applications I get asked to test, or actually use, will be available on the Apple OS. Don't know yet, but this probably is the decision hinge.

Push email was a huge innovation when I first got it. But I'd have to say push email isn't a compelling reason to keep my BlackBerry any longer. Lots of devices do that. And when I focus on BlackBerry's interface and ease of use, it falls down. Right now, Iotum is the reason I'd be reluctant to switch. And Jajah integration is an even bigger plus.

If you wonder whether applications make a difference in device choices, I'll tell you this: in my case Iotum and Jajah now stand between iPhone and a new service provider.

The PC decision is more complex, since there are multiple apps I wouldn't want to risk messing with, and others that will show up, even if the hassle and irritation factor is very high.

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