In Select Markets, Comcast Doubles 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps Access Services, Bumps 105 Mpbs Services to 150 Mbps

Comcast has doubled Internet access speeds that it has increased Internet speeds for customers in almost all of its residential service areas in California, as well as select markets in Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

Comcast has increased the speeds of three Xfinity Internet tiers: "Performance" now offers speeds up to 50 Mbps, up from 25 Mbps; "Blast" is now 105 Mbps, up from 50 Mbps; and "Extreme 105" has been bumped to 150 Mbps. The changes impact all California customers (except those in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Isleton, Lodi and Rio Vista), as well as those in the Olathe, Kan., Independence, Mo., and Houston, Texas markets.

Those speed boosts will be provided at no charge for Comcast customers, and are a response to increased competition from Google Fiber.

The change in retail packaging is not surprising, Once Google Fiber reset expectations about what $70 a month buys, it became inevitable that all other Internet service providers competing against Google Fiber, or any other ISP offering a gigabit access for about $70 to $80 a month, other offers would have to be adjusted.


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