Saturday, August 30, 2014

"This Time it's Personal," T-Mobile US Says

uncarrier7.pngT-Mobile US is going to fire more shots in the U.S. mobile marketing war on Sept. 10, 2014. You can bet there will be a Sprint reaction. 

At this point, while T-Mobile US could announce yet another tweak to its value-price propositions, even that might not be so noteworthy. 

More data usage for less money is a good thing, from a consumer perspective. 

But with Sprint seemingly now willing to respond in kind for every T-Mobile attack on the packaging front, the upside seems to be less valuable. 

So what new attack might T-Mobile US be unleashing? 

And will the new promotion focus on end user experience, single-line accounts, prepaid or family accounts? 

And at what point will the attacks start to move the needle on multi-line accounts?

Value and price are important, to be sure. But it is easier to switch a single-user account than a multi-line account. It is one thing to swap out a single device, and to make a decision for a single user.

It's harder to switch multi-line accounts when four or five devices have to be replaced, or where coverage is important. 

What might it take to get multi-line accounts to seriously consider a swtich? And can T-Mobile US afford to underwrite the switching costs? 

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