Virtual SIMs Could Rapidly Increase Mobile Usage

Movirtu "Virtual SIM" platform enables multiple phone numbers to be active on a single standard subscriber information module, allowing multiple users to use one physical device without the need to manually change the SIM card.  

The obvious upside is that using a virtual SIM could allow many more people to use mobile phone service, more affordably. 

To use a virtual SIM, a subscriber borrows a phone and enters a short code that tells the network that the phone is now using another number. 

The subscriber then can make and receive calls from his own number(at his own expense) on the borrowed phone. 

All that’s changed is an entry in the mobile network’s visitor location register. 

To return the phone, the subscriber must enter the code again, and all is back to normal, a process akin to logging onto your own email account on a friend's computer.

Likewise, CloudPhone allows non-phone devices to be used as mobile network connected devices. Movirtu CloudPhone allows mobile operators to extend the reach of mobile services to non-SIM devices such as tablets that might have Wi-Fi-only connections. 
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