T-Mobile US Promotion Attacks Tablet Segment of the Market

Not content to battle for phone accounts, T-Mobile US now has launched a promotion aimed at snaring more tablet accounts. 

T-Mobile, starting September 3, 2014, will allow any Simple Choice customer to add a tablet to a postpaid Simple Choice phone plan for $10 per month. 

T-Mobile US also will match the customer's 4G Long Term Evolution data plan, up to 5 GB a month.

For example, a customer with a Simple Choice smartphone plan with 5 GB of LTE data can add a tablet with another 5 GB of data set aside for use on that tablet, for just $10 per month.

That particular promotion is significant because, in recent quarters, all four leading U.S. mobile carriers have added net new accounts on the strength of tablet activations.

T-Mobile US, meanwhile, arguably has had the lowest amount of activity in that regard. 

So the tablet promotion serves two purposes, bringing T-Mobile US up to parity with tablet adds by the other three leading carriers, and also helping T-Mobile US maintain its net new customer momentum, since growth now is driven by tablet connections.

T-Mobile US has lead net addtiions since the first quarter of 2013, though both Verizon and AT&T have gained as well. Sprint and the mobile virtual network operators have lost customers. 

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source: Telco 2.0
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