AI Can Help with This Type of Problem

A report by the Mobile Marketing Association and RadiumOne finds 66 percent of marketers are not “fully confident” they know the “most critical” digital signals that they can correlate with behavior.

This sort of problem--lots of data and algorithms that are not able to interpret such data--seems the sort of problem artificial intelligence is ideally suited to solve.

Fully 58 percent were not fully confident their re-engagement efforts were effective against customer churn, while half called into question their ability to acquire new customers and re-engage those they'd lost.

The signals marketers considered the most important for mobile branding was that garnered from content sharing from apps (29 percent), mobile site visits (28 percent), and app installs (27 percent). For mobile direct response, its purchase data (38 percent), geolocation and bookmarked content (both 35 percent).


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