Spirent, Nokia Open 5G Lab as a Service

Spirent Communications and Nokia today now offer a 5G Lab as a Service, a move expected to accelerate Nokia’s releases of virtual network functions and physical infrastructure. The 5G LaaS also streamlines the use of shared lab resources across teams and geographies, delivering dramatically improved efficiency and cost savings, as well.

The Nokia facility in Oulu will use Spirent Velocity as the foundation of the LaaS platform. A key feature of the 5G LaaS is the self-service portal, accessible by hundreds of simultaneous users across the globe.

The portal also supports thousands of devices and tens of thousands of connections for both 5G and legacy infrastructure. Utilizing the portal, Nokia engineers can rapidly spin-up, tear down and reuse 5G hybrid test beds from anywhere in the world. Deployments of the 5G LaaS to additional Nokia facilities are already underway.

5G test automation requires integration of a complex mix of layer 1 optical and RF switches, layer 2 and virtual switches, power control units and test management software, Spirent said.
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