Virgin Media Sets 100 Mbps Minimum Speed

Virgin Media will set 100 Mbps as the minimum consumer internet access speed on its network.

Not so long ago, the UK. government set a speed of 24 Mbps, then 30 Mbps as the minimum standard for a “superfast” service. Now, it has added new terms. “Ultrafast is defined as 100 Mbps by the European Commission.

Ofcom changed its definition of “ultrafast” from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps.

is to become the first widely-available UK broadband provider to offer ultrafast speeds of 100Mbps and above as standard as it revamps its bundles and launches the Virgin fibre brand.

This move reaffirms Virgin Media’s position as the UK’s ultrafast broadband provider with a top speed of 300Mbps.   As the need for fast, reliable broadband increases a speed of 300Mbps is four times faster than Virgin Media’s main competitors’ top speeds and gives households more bandwidth to stream, game, chat and work all at the same time on multiple connected devices.

Ceilings and floors both are important for analysts, industry executives and regulators, but a good argument can be made that it is the floors (minimum and universally available speeds) that matter most. In the U.K. market, so far, Virgin Media has been leading the market. The same trend can be noted in the U.S. market, where, since 2007, cable operators have disproportionately provided the faster speed connections.

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