25 Annoying Phrases to Avoid at Work

Here are 25 cliches or "annoying phrases" we all should try not to use. I suppose the phrases are annoying because they are almost value free throw aways. 

I've been working on avoiding "at the end of the day" for some months. But "touch base" and "ping me" are on my list.

At the end of the day
Back to the drawing board
Hit the ground running
Get the ball rolling
Low hanging fruit
Thrown under the bus
Think outside the box
Let's touch base
Get my manager's blessing
It's on my radar
Ping me
I don't have the bandwidth
No brainer
Par for the course
Bang for your buck
Move the goal post
Apples to apples
Circle back around
All hands on deck
Take this offline
Elephant in the room
On my plate

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