Sprint Promotion Reimburses New Customers for ETFs and All Phone Installment Balances

Despite assurances from some U.S. mobile executives that the mobile marketing wars seem to be moderating, Sprint just fired another shot.

Effective immediately, Sprint will reimburse all of the costs to switch from another carrier to Sprint.

That includes all  early termination fees and remaining payments on phone installment plans,  no matter what is owed.

Up to this point, carriers had been reimbursing “up to” some amount, and generally only reimbursing for early termination fees. Sprint’s move is a potentially significant escalation of such “switching inducements.”

Sprint currently had also been offering Cut Your Bill in Half promotions that literally aim to cut costs in half for new customers ditching their old providers.

Customers simply need to switch to Sprint and turn in their current phone. Sprint will refund the switching costs within about 15 days of successfully completing the online registration and providing a bill that shows the early termination charge or device balance due.
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