Phablets Gain Share at Expense of Tablets

In the wake of the first ever year-over-year decline in global  tablet shipments in the fourth quarter of 2014, there seems little question but that “phablets” (smartphones with larger screens) have become a substitute product.

Tablet shipments are expected to reach 234.5 million units in 2015, a modest year-over-year increase of two percent  from 2014, according to International Data Corporation, which now also has scaled back its five year forecast for the product category.

Android will remain the platform leader, with close to two thirds of the market over the course of the forecast.

Apple  iOS share of the market to decline in 2015, reaching levels below that of the past three years.

Windows, despite modest adoption to date, is expected to gain significant share over the course of the forecast, growing from five percent in 2014 to 14 percent in 2019.
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