Verizon Dismisses Wi-Fi-Based Mobility. But Just Wait

It never is unusual when a major incumbent dismisses a new rival offering a lower-end product without all the features of the existing product. That happened when Skype and other VoIP products started appearing, or when instant messaging services arose.

Cable TV operator business communication services arguably were “not as good” as service supplied by the historic suppliers.

More than 45 years ago, MCI’s long distance service was not as good as AT&T’s service.

So it will come as no surprise that Verizon argues any Wi-Fi-only mobile service, or even a Wi-Fi with default to mobile service offered by cable operators might not “be as good” as Verizon’s arguably industry-leading service.

One present issue is the seamlessness of transitions between Wi-Fi networks and mobile networks. But it seems only a matter of time before that capability improves dramatically. Seamless use of any available network is, in fact, a design goal for coming fifth generation networks.

So it would not be surprising is a present weakness disappears over time, as it has in many other segments of the business, when new technology, networks and platforms are used to attack a legacy business.
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