Messaging Apps are Really Sticky

“Stickiness” long has been among the important features of any app or site. “Stickiness” means new users stick around and become regular or habitual users, while regular users become engaged users that do not churn out for another rival app or experience.

By those measures, messaging apps are highly sticky, meaning new users tend to become regular users, and regular users are engaged enough that they are “loyal.”

Retention rates of messaging apps outperform the average of all apps, according to Flurry.

In fact, messaging app retention is 1.9 times better than the average app after one month and 5.6 times better than the average app after one year. After 30 days, some 36 percent of people continue to use a new app, compared to 68 percent of people using a new messaging app.

After six months, just 18 percent of people who first used a new app continue to use it. By comparison, about 62 percent of people who started using a messaging app continue to do so.

After a year, just 11 percent of people who tried a new app still use it, compared to 62 percent of people who tried a new messaging app a year ago.  

Messaging apps’ daily use is 4.7 times higher than the average app, Flurry says, while the average daily use of an app across all categories is 1.9 times.

Messaging apps are used, on average, almost nine times every day. Most other apps get used less than twice a day.
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