Columbus Yellow Cab Using Verizon Vehicle Sharing Platform

Verizon is working with Columbus Yellow Cab to automate and streamline the cab reservation and payment process for its full fleet of cabs and drivers across Ohio. Columbus Yellow Cab is using Verizon’s Share solution that can track, manage and share fleet services and assets.

The vehicle sharing capability will help Yellow Cab drivers locate and rent available cabs, creating an on-demand, self-service approach to gaining access to vehicles.

Normally, Driver Partners lease vehicles from Yellow Cab on a daily, weekly or longer basis, forcing Driver Partners to repeat basic administrative duties and adding wait times to passenger pickups. Verizon’s Share solutions save Yellow Cab’s drivers time and money by enabling fleet sharing city-wide.

In addition to Yellow Cab, other companies working with Verizon’s Share Solutions platform include The Santa Clara Transportation Authority (VTA) and Swiftmile, the electronic bike (ebike) service; CruCar, a car sharing solution for airline crews, and A.A.S. Technologies, a security, networking and audio visual company.
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