Larger Screen Devices Don't Always Get Better Click Through Rates

As a rule, people will tend to use the largest screen available to them when interacting with web content. 
Also, one tends to find that larger screens lead to better display ad effectiveness.
But the rule isn't iron clad. 
Jumptap recently found that screen size doesn’t always matter when it comes to mobile ad performance.
The Amazon Kindle Fire, which measures seven inches in length, had a 1.02 percent click-through rate (CTR) while the slightly larger, 9.7 inch iPad had a 0.9 percent click-through rate. 
While tablets tend to have higher CTRs than smartphones, screen size isn’t always a predictor. 

Jumptap also says Millennials tend to prefer Apple iPads, while their parents tend to prefer Kindle Fire devices. 

Data from comScore and Jumptap show that ownership of tablets is heaviest among older Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34. 

But Millennials as a whole (people 18 to 34) are most likely to use an iPad while Baby Boomers are the heaviest users of the Kindle Fire. 

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