Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Millennials Watch Lots of "TV," Just Not So Much on TVs

Though some studies indicate that Millennials watch less linear TV than older consumers, some research suggests they consume more video, just not on linear TV services, a study sponsored by YuMe suggests.

Over a recent three-year period, Millennial women watched about 10 percent less linear TV since 2010, while Millennial males who dropped TV usage seven percent since 2010. The YuMe survey used an 18-24-year-old group (born in 1989-2000) as the “Millennial” definition, a narrower definition of Millennials than others would use.

Millennials also use their smartphone and tablets more than any other demographic, for the purpose of watching video. Also, Millennials did not use digital video recorder features at all, YuMe suggests.

Millennials do report watching a lot of TV shows and user-generated content. What they don't watch, is news, with only 13 percent saying they watch it.

About 49 percent of Millennials reported watching web videos on smartphones, 44 percent said they watched web videos on PCs and 44 percent said they watched web videos on 

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