Big IoT Revenue Impact Within 3 Years?

Expectations for business benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) arguably are wildly overestimated at the moment.

Many would agree IoT will be big, at some point. Accenture has estimated a $14.3 trillion impact by 2030, just in industrial applications. But there arguably is a big gap between hopes and actual business models that help organizations realize those dreams.

Consider the results of a survey by Gartner that found more than 40 percent of 463 surveyed IT and business leaders expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform their business or offer significant new revenue or cost-savings opportunities over the next three years.

At the same time, most also said their organizations have not established clear business or technical leadership for their IoT efforts.

Less than 25 percent of survey respondents report they have established clear business leadership for the IoT, either in the form of a single organizational unit owning the issue or multiple business units taking ownership of separate IoT efforts.

"The survey confirmed that the IoT is very immature, and many organizations have only just started experimenting with it," said Nick Jones, Gartner VP. "Only a small minority have deployed solutions in a production environment.

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