Add Low Reputation Scores to Low Customer Satisfaction Performance

It will not come as a surprise that Internet service providers, telcos, cable TV or satellite TV firms suffer in virtually all studies of customer satisfaction. It appears they also have that problem in the area of company reputation as well.

A study of company reputation shows telcos, cable TV and satellite TV companies in the bottom half of the rankings. The top score was earned by Wegman’s, the grocery chain. If you ever have shopped there, you will know why.

Apple and Google scored 80 and change. Verizon Communications scored 69. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile US scored 67.

DirecTV scored a 65, while Comcast and Charter Communications scored 60. Dish Network scored 58.

One might argue those scores are the result of deliberate choices, not malfeasance or dumbness. Some businesses arguably cannot afford to spend very much on “delighting customers.”

Car dealers, for example, might reasonably assume that “repeat buying” opportunities actually are rather rare. If that is the case, only so much rationally should be spent on customer experience.

Most consumer telecom or video subscription companies might rationally assume the average account life cycle is four years, perhaps less. If so, practitioners might be making rational choices about how much to spend upgrading customer experience and service.

Occasionally firms might underspend too severely, and see churn rates increase. But in all likelihood no firm in the consumer segment wants to overspend. And that might account for the generally low customer satisfaction or reputation scores earned by service providers.
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