DirecTV Boosts 2014 Revenue, Earnings, Free Cash Flow

Even if one believes streaming services are about to begin taking more market share in the subscription TV and video business from linear providers, that does not mean every provider is losing customers, market share, or revenue.

In its most recent quarter, DirecTV grew Latin America full year revenues three percent, to $7.1 billion, largely by adding 903,000 net new subscribers.

Full year U.S. revenue grew five percent  to $26 billion, driven by average revenue per user growth of 4.7 percent and annual subscriber growth of 99,000 accounts.

Full year 2014 earnings per share Increased 12 percent, while free cash flow grew 21 percent to $3.1 billion.

What AT&T, in the process of acquiring DirecTV, cares about is the free cash flow, even more than the incremental revenue and the ability to sell entertainment video, plus its other mobile services, nationwide.
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